Designer Welsh Ponies
Farmore Enchanting LOM
Talybont Quicksilver x Shamrock Silverhawk
1998 Dark Brown Section B Mare
13.0 1/2 hands

Three Showing photos by Kim Qualls, MDP
Denise Sexton and Chelsea Laatsch
Wilton, California
(209) 747-3220
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Foals Produced by Farmore Enchanting:
In 2007, Ariel's foals completed her Dam LOM, amassing over  1,500 points. This was achieved with only three foals on the ground, the minimum number of foals  required to win this award.  Congratulations Ariel!
Farmore Imagination
2004 Section B mare
By *Telynau Royal Charter
Owner: Farmore Farms
Farmore Royal Charmer
2003 Section B Gelding
By *Telynau Royal Charter
Owner: Toile Farms
Farmore Royal Success
2002 Section B Gelding
By *Telynau Royal Charter
Photo by Tammy Burgin