Designer Welsh Ponies
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Denise Sexton and Chelsea Laatsch
Wilton, California
(209) 747-3220
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2011 Foals
Designer "X"s and "O"s
*Telynau Royal Charter LOM/LOM/AOE x Holly Hill Mardi Gras
2011 Bay Half Welsh Filly
Will mature large
For Sale 
Photo By Alison Ruhe
Designer Strong as Steele
Farmore State Occasion x Farmore Enchanting LOM
2011 Bay colt
Photos By Megan Burtness
2013 Expectations:
Clanfair Signature x Farmore Enchanting LOM
It's a Boy!!

*Telynau Royal Charter OD/Sire OD/Sire AOE x Holly Hill Mardis Gras
Due in March
It's a girl!!
Farmore Royal Tywyn x Designer Fairy Tale
Due in May
Farmore Royal Tywyn x Spindrift
Due in May

2013 Foals
Designer Dressed to Impress
Clanfair Signature LOM x Farmore Enchanting LOM
2013 Black Sec B Colt
*Telynau Royal Charter LOM/AOE/OD  x Holly Hill Mardi Gras
Chestnut 1/2 Welsh Filly